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Nga Whakairo

 Piripi ready to start working  Uiraroa  Uiraroa
 Piripi Taylor preparing to start work on the marae make over.  Whanau gather for a last photo with Uiraroa before her new whakairo  Last Look at Uiraroa
 Uiraroa marae carving  Uiraroa  Uiraroa
 Uiraroa building inspectors, inspecting the building  Gone are the old walls.  All of the them
 Uiraroa  Uiraroa  Uiraroa
 No part of the 'mahau' is exempt from the make over  Preparing the heavier artillary.  Where is everybody?
 Uiraroa  Uiraroa  Uiraroa
 That wall is no more. Farmers, electricians, retirees all became builders for a month.  Out with the old wall, in with the new wall.